EH-Products. Reliable Hydraulic Actuation.
Electrohydraulic (EH) Actuators and Solenoids
Magnet Schultz of America (MSA) utilizes its marketplace knowledge and proven engineering and manufacturing expertise to provide hydraulic actuators for mobile and industrial hydraulic valve applications.

Our solutions include on/off and proportional, high-performance Push and Pull Hydraulic Actuator Tubes, Bi-directional Actuator Tubes, Linear Motors, Electrohydraulic Coils and SPOOL LOCK® Solenoids—all of these products are designed to serve the diverse needs of the hydraulics industry.

EH-Product Features
  Multiple sizes and force/stroke capabilities
  Push, Pull and Push-Pull action available in all sizes
  Fatigue life exceeding 20 million cycles
  Internal actuator tube pressure ratings up to 6,000 PSI
  Magnet wire insulation Class H (180°C)
  Welded magnet wire-to-terminal connections for enhanced coil survivability
  Fully integrated connectors to maintain up to IP-69 ratings

Additional Product Options
  Seven varieties of integrated connectors and lead wire choices
  Soft start actuator tube available, with customizable orifice sizes
  Manual overrides—high pressure, twist-to-lock, screw adjustment

Collaborative Innovation
Our approach to product design is perfectly suited to developing tailored or completely custom solutions. From modifications to improve internal pressure ratings, force and stroke, to custom external mounting threads—MSA can create an electroyhydraulic actuator tube or a complete actuator tube and coil assembly that achieves the level of performance your hydraulic system demands.


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