Voice Coils. Precision Motion Control
Precision Electromagnetic Products
Magnet-Schultz of America (MSA) is a leading manufacturer of custom voice coils. The continuous power of permanent magnets is blended with the intermittent actuation of an electromagnetic coil to achieve high speed, precise linear motion and a long operating life.

Typical applications for these highly customizable motion control products include coin sorting, medical and scientific instrumentation and industrial controls.

MSA Voice Coils come in two distinct design architectures:
Moving Magnet—no moving leads (reducing lead wear) and integrated bearings (improving hysteresis and operating life)
Moving Coil—faster response time, high acceleration and shorter overall lengths

Valuable Features
  Unique bi-directional force, velocity and acceleration
  Compact size
  Lower power consumption
  Custom bearing systems
  Suspended armature designs

Voice Coil Value-Added Sub-Assemblies
Voice Coil technology can be designed and integrated into complete Value-Added Assemblies with the potential to significantly reduce your current assembly time and overall system cost.

Collaborative Innovation
MSA's approach to product design is perfectly suited to develop tailored or completely custom solutions. Share with us your next challenging project—together we can create a Voice Coil solution that achieves the performance level your application demands.


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